Our Miniature Therapy Horses

We currently have two miniature therapy horses.  Our miniature horses go through extensive training to be able to handle a variety of circumstances.  They are trained to interact in nursing/assisted living facility environments, libraries and other community events.  Their training lasts anywhere from a year to 18mo depending on the individual horse.  We continue to work with our horses to ensure their saftey and the safety of the community.


Stanley was our first therapy horse.  In his younger years he participated in parades as a lead line pony.  He is broke to ride small children, but has retired from this activity.  Stanley was adopted from a rescue and is 19 years old.  Horses can live to the age of thirty, so we are hoping to have many more years with him.


white horse


Cricket has been with us for about 2 years and is currently 3 years old.  She is a little spunky at times but loves children and the elderly.  She really enjoys the attention and meeting new people.  Cickets favorite activity is reading with children in libraries.

red horse