Mission Statement

The Mission of Joyful Hooves is to enhance the lives and well-being of elderly, disabled persons, and children through interactive equine visits that provide hope, comfort, and joy; to educate children through a Read With Us companion reading program; and to prevent cruelty to animals by rescuing and fostering at-risk or neglected equines.


We are a small farm located in Argyle, TX on 3 acres. Our farm journey started in 2019 with one Donkey. It did not take us long to grow our farm family. We have several animals such as Nigerian Dwarf goats, Harlequin and Babydoll sheep, miniature horses and donkeys and a handful of chickens. Once we got our farm up and running we decided to bring our passion for animals out into the community. We spent 18 months training our miniature horse, Stanley, to be a therapy horse. We have since added another miniature horse named Cricket and a miniature donkey, Calvin, to the program. Calvin is still in training and will not be attending visits at this time.


We have rescued and fostered several equines; both horses and donkeys. Some of these animals will remain on property, and some will be adopted out once we know they are healthy and have the basic ground work complete. Some of our rescues are pictured here.